Move [Shake & Bake]

from by Marcus Lee



The chef put his hard work in them blue bags //
You can take the product out with your doo rags //
Hustle every building every park and every corner //
We're building up a buzz we make it hotter than a sauna //
If people need a choice make sure mine its first //
And if they ask about it you tell em Heisenberg //
A quick fist bump shake and bake Ricky Bobby style //
Now we're boxing in the streets like its Rocky 5 //
We're on the scene, we've fantasied for too long //
The American dream, some bodies on the line //
Yeah we need to build a team //
The product we got it as polished up as //
Mr Sheen, its fresh and so clean //
Communicate in Morse code and can't nobody touch us //
Keep it on the chain like a pair of nun-chuckas //
I'm glad thinking about how much money we can make //
It's got me feeling good feeling sunny in the shade //
Jesse P its funny in it mate //
How this time last year we struggled every day //
Now we make 50 grand in a couple of weeks //
Representing Albuquerque on a couple of streets //
I love it when a plan comes together //
We got that A-team vibe there ain't nobody better //
I'll leave it up to you J, I know you're more than able //
I'm out cos my missus got my dinner on the table //


from Heisenberg - Remember My Name, released September 25, 2015




Marcus Lee Bradford, UK

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