Heisenberg - Remember My Name

by Marcus Lee

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Concept mini-album covering the rise of Walter White. If you love Breaking Bad you'll love this.


released September 25, 2015



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Marcus Lee Bradford, UK

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Track Name: Situation
Every second, every minute, every hour, every day and every night //
This is what I’m thinking about //
Every second, every minute, every hour, every day and every night //
This is what I’m dreaming about //
Every second, every minute, every hour, every day and every night //
This is what I’m thinking about //
Every second, every minute, every hour, every hour, every hour… //

I'm still coming to terms with my situation //
Still hoping that I’ve been given misinformation //
I called the doctor back just cause I was sick of waiting //
Maybe he's one of those doctors trying to kill his patients //
Frown, not much I can smile about //
Angry about everything and this has got me wilding out //
And before the voice of death comes to sign me out //
I gotta tread carefully to stop my missus finding out //
She’s a ten out of ten //
She could leave me tonight and choose from plenty of men //
As for me and my… extinction level event //
I can't deal with this I’d rather stick my head in cement //
Please God I’m really not ready for death //
I got kids I need to get the future ready fi dem //
I’m feeling mad jealous of friends //
Every night no stress just watching telly again //
Meanwhile I’m sat thinking bout medical care //
Can’t dance around it like Rogers and Freddy Astaire //
Life is short, signs are popping up everywhere //
This sickness has got legs like plenty of chairs //
And I could jump off em with a noose on my neck //
But with Sky news telling Sky the news of my death? //
Nah, so how I break it down I’m still debating //
That’s the heavy severity of my situation //
Track Name: Recipe
Yo I'm feeling this weak cos this week i started chemotherapy
Having a mundane Monday and gonna do so every week
It's gonna be all right everybody keeps telling me
But truthfully we all know i'll never see seventy
The medical support i need its costs an extra fee
Survival in the US not something you get for free
But i recognise your face hmmm let me see
Yeah its all coming back to me your name is Jesse p
You was in my class back when i taught 7d
the kid sat right at the back, big cheeks and freckly
That's 12 years ago so now you must be 23
now you're jumping out of windows thats some kind of felony
If I tell police what i just saw then it seems
You'll be in the penitentiary paying the penalty
The price of my silence is the cost of helping me
And if you think its blackmail well that's life, ces't la vie
I seen some dodgy dealers and been feeling jealousy
As i'd love to make a grand these guys make ten a week
You might not remember science is my specialty
I've just come up with a master-plan a special recipe
Its gonna set the world alight a kind of ecstasy
With a buzz a 1000 times sweeter than a jelly bean
You'll be the new head of marketing out selling dreams
Doors open all we need to say is open sesame
We're gonna make five figures at the very least
Jesse you can buy yourself 20,000 ready meals
This is the free world you can work on every street
This is Albuquerque man it ain't Tel Aviv
Just keep on the down-low whenever we speak
Especially around my brother because unexpectedly
Anything can happen but as long you're respecting me
There'll be no need for ....
Track Name: Blue
Yeah we cooking up a storm [storm x4] //
The way it turns blue is something that you have to see //
Watch our lives transform [form x4] //
I'm gonna make a success out of a tragedy //
Escaping civilization for a couple hours //
We're actually creating magic in this truck of ours //
Our destiny we're in control man I love the power //
And if I'm home late I'll buy my wife a bunch of flowers //
I can't afford to tow the line [line x4] //
I'll be dead soon my case won't even reach the court //
I got the ish to blow your mind [mind x4] //
One purchase after that you'll want three or more //
At a time at a line in a parking lot //
And you'll want it there you won't care if its dark or not //
Cause you could be standing in the middle of a crowd //
But my tings'll get you high like you sitting on a cloud //
And its gonna be fast its gonna be big its gonna be clever //
If we work hard Jesse we'll be done in November //
Six or seven hundred grand in the bank is all I need //
Gather my clout then I'll be out don't be calling me //
We'll do our thing and call it quits there'll be no glitches //
Cause we ain't brothers in the form of Jeff and Beau Bridges //
And once my fortunes turn around [round x4] //
You won't hear from me again I'm heading underground //
So let us fill our pockets, let us build our rockets //
We've all had them daydreams where we kill our bosses //
I'm not a fan of murder, so lets stop killing time //
And we won't take it any further, need to be home by nine //
It's very straightforward this is not a Gray matter //
I just need to make each and every day matter //
Whoever said drugs don't work they kinda do //
My present for the world, delivered nice and blue //
[Blue x4] //
Track Name: Roll Up
Roll up roll up take a look over here //
Take a look over here //
I got some pretty nice presents for you //
Let me say it again //
Come closer please there's nothing to fear //
There's nothing to fear //
I got some pretty nice presents for you //

Yo I did the chorus first think i made it quite clear //
Anything you feel you need you can get it right here //
I put in hard work come up with some nice gear //
But ask too many questions you can kiss my rear //
You can take a look like a proper sightseer //
This is good for me its good for you my dear //
I used to drive round town in a White Kia //
Now i'm rock a turbo my cars got nine gears //
I met Gus Fring he said do you like beer //
ten minutes later we was in a bar like cheers //
The product so good it made him wanna cry tears //
But he's given me a look that's colder than Siberia //
Yo we gotta fight fear //
Cos my little street hustlers might get five years //
Forget about the haters cos they all might jeer //
But we try to make money for a long time here //

Track Name: Move [Shake & Bake]
The chef put his hard work in them blue bags //
You can take the product out with your doo rags //
Hustle every building every park and every corner //
We're building up a buzz we make it hotter than a sauna //
If people need a choice make sure mine its first //
And if they ask about it you tell em Heisenberg //
A quick fist bump shake and bake Ricky Bobby style //
Now we're boxing in the streets like its Rocky 5 //
We're on the scene, we've fantasied for too long //
The American dream, some bodies on the line //
Yeah we need to build a team //
The product we got it as polished up as //
Mr Sheen, its fresh and so clean //
Communicate in Morse code and can't nobody touch us //
Keep it on the chain like a pair of nun-chuckas //
I'm glad thinking about how much money we can make //
It's got me feeling good feeling sunny in the shade //
Jesse P its funny in it mate //
How this time last year we struggled every day //
Now we make 50 grand in a couple of weeks //
Representing Albuquerque on a couple of streets //
I love it when a plan comes together //
We got that A-team vibe there ain't nobody better //
I'll leave it up to you J, I know you're more than able //
I'm out cos my missus got my dinner on the table //
Track Name: Bad Boy
This time last year was all pain and defeat //
But now I got a name in the street //
Cause something major had to change at the least //
Thinking maybe that became the making of me //
When we first met we used to cause a lot of ruckus //
Now we real close J we something like blood brothers //
I make the product you take it to the public //
Million dollar dreams MC Hammer couldn't touch it //
What we came out with it took a lot of effort //
Days in the RV cooking in the desert //
Remember when we broke down with nothing to drink //
I thought we were gonna die I was on the brink //
I'm leaving no legacy I started to think //
Light bulb over my head it started to blink //
How we made it out there alive is something of a mystery //
And the rest is all history //

Everybody knows I got more bounce than the ounce //
This bad boy makes more money than you can count //
This bad boy makes more money than you can count //
I'm selling to you cats for a large amount (hey) //

I'm out to get money like Bill Gates //
its serious biz i gotta work til late //
yeah its true that there's been a lot of trouble caused //
but opportunities that came to me I took em all //
We used to stash baked beans behind them cupboard doors //
Well 3 days ago i just bought my son a Porsche //
The way i turned my life around deserve some applause //
I wanna spend my final days on some other shores //
I'm philosophical like socrates its possibly because of the... //
Fact my brothers a cop but still ain't clocking me //
That kind of fortune makes me feel there ain't nobody stopping me //
I'll never do a 9 - 5 again like Dolly P //
Its not an easy street, i spend my days in some places //
That are really deep, i used to watch goodfellas on my DVD //
Today they mention goodfellas now they're meaning me //
And Jesse P //

Track Name: Would You Miss
What would you do if you had an opportunity //
To make a million pounds which could lead to another two or three //
But on the same day your wife's giving birth, you wouldn't see //
That super sweet moment in life you only get a few of these //
But we've had oh so many years of living frugally //
I had to take on second jobs and Skyler sold her jewellery //
Like any father I'm just thinking bout my children's needs //
To know they set for life financially will be a huge relief //
I should be freaking out bout death but I'm unusually //
Calm, I never used to be I can't explain its truly deep //
And it don't really matter what these mad men wanna do to me //
I'm soon to be deceased so even if you shop me to police //
I'll only be around a couple months and more crucially //
My family will be sorted you're not gonna find me losing sleep //
My hope is that they'll live in harmony and unity //
I hope that's what the pastor will relay during my eulogy //
Before you judge here's a question you should answer first //
If you were me... //

Would you miss the birth of your own child for a million [x4] //
It's something that's gotten me thinking //
Something that's gotten me thinking [x3] //
Would you miss the birth of your own child for a million //
Track Name: Frown
[verse one]
The second seasons finished, I can’t believe we finished
I came home you packed your stuff up in a couple minutes
You’ve gotten mad because you reckon that I’m selling weed
Baby nah its much more than that I’m selling dreams
"Can’t be with a drug dealer,” you’re telling me
I met a dude that, reckons that I’ve got a talent
So time with him and time with you’s something I gotta balance
I’m on the path to becoming a kingpin
A couple months a couple runs I’ll be on a big ting
I’ll repeat that I’ll be on a big ting!!!
The truth is I never wanted you to find out
I’m not surprised that you've put me on a time out
But don't treat me like a dog who messed up on the carpet
Cos I’m the illest sickest cook who selling on the market
We had to make a change guess I was the one to start it
If I’m been honest well I think you're being difficult
I’ve treated you well I’ve never been physical
Cos we were broke and now I’ve built a real business up
I did for you, the kids, you're my everything
You fail to realise for you I’d do anything

I got a wifey, and she just kicked me out
She doesn’t like me, no she just kicked me out
What my gonna now what my gonna do now
Smiling upside down yeah my face just frown
Frown [x4]

[verse two]
I’m sat up in my yard where's my gin and tonic at
Like the Jackson 5 baby I just want you back
An apartment of my own I never wanted that
Even though I started making major huge bionic cash
Three million pounds, super sonic blam
There’s none greater, I do it cos I want the paper
I’m looking sharper, looking something like Donald Draper
Yeah its true I’ve dealt with a few mad men
But you ain't ever gonna see my face on news at ten
They never get the face just my smooth accent
You know I did this all to give you guys a brighter future
It’s more than toys for Holly, more than Nikes for junior
Think I should don a red cape because I'm kinda super
It’s three weeks since I been home
Now I’m banging on my own front door like I’m Fred Flintstone

Track Name: Business Man
[verse one]
I used to have 2 jobs but the money was poor
I'd think to myself what am i struggling for
We've had times with no food in the cupboards at all
In the supermarket jealous of what others had bought
But then i made my own product been cooking from raw
And i found a bunch of customers who were looking to score
I was a nervous child something my mother ignored
Now I'm nervous round my own DEA brother in law
There's something in store
overcome challenge like i was jumping the fort
none of this was straightforward as 1, 2, 3, 4
I've had competition visiting looking for war
remember days there were things that we couldn't afford?
self made business built up from the floor
king of my own castle, and I'm shutting the door
i am Heisenberg, i am above the law

[verse two]
Drugs mash up families and leave children missing
But help me support mine its just this dudes opinion
I've kept it on the downlow but its true I'm building
a billion pound empire close to George Lucas vision
I'm on a making mular mission
My empire steez I'm out to build the hugest business
Kids supposed to be my class and used to skip it
The same ones stood on the corner that i use to flip it
I'm Charlie Sheen in these streets i never lose I'm winning
My anger management is controlled I'm choosing wisdom
Mexicans don't like me yo these dudes are flipping
Asking all kinds of questions man these fools are fishing
It's years of bad blood something like Jews and Christians
I work with my brother so we don't require supervision
I do for addicts same as Ben and Jerry's do for women
Champagne filled pools the new pools I swim in
Track Name: Knocks
I am the one who...on the door of your soul //
When i call at your home, it's me [Heisenberg] //
I put you all in a hole, create an aftermath //
Of kids orphaned and broke, I'm a force to behold //
You'll never pay more than you owe, but mess me about //
You'll wish you were never born when i blow //
All up in your face an unfortunate show //
Six bullets and i saved four for your dome //
Stalking your folks, no time to waste //
So don't talk to me slow, got international steez //
I'm selling out in North Korea, more in Seoul //
Methamphetamines are taking tours into Rome //
No rivals no stupid wars I'm alone //
Cause i have got the source and the code //
The magnitude of my empire feel it course through my bones //
I'll leave your body cops'll need chalk in the road //