The Promise of All That is Yet To Come

by Marcus Lee

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The Promise of All That is Yet to Come is the debut offering from Maxx, giving you a 4 track taster of what to expect from him in the very near future. This rap offering has elements of r&b, soul, jazz and double time flows, found in head nodding beats worthy of being played at a loud volume, combined with thought provoking verses about relationships, dramas, dreams and the struggles of life.


released April 6, 2012

Songs written by Maxx.
Production by DJ Agent M (Mutant Productions), Jas0nBeats and Exp (Sinoptic Music).



all rights reserved


Marcus Lee Bradford, UK

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Track Name: Everybody Knows (produced by DJ Agent M)
[Verse One]
Hold the front page Mister newspaper editor/
Maxx is in the building about to cause a mass hysteria/
Saturday night fever, I’m a high achiever/
Put my face on anything them kids’ll buy the t-shirt/
I make women chatterbox so much until their teeth hurt/
Ask em about their day I know they’ll mention me first/
I got a big head like Megamind, 8 bars and you’re thinking/
Someone get him signed, A&R’s get in line/
It’s time for action, I guarantee your satisfaction/
I got them killer moves like Michael Jackson/
Cos I’m a thriller not a sinner in my raps you won’t find any filler/
I’m a winner all you losers you should keep your chin up/
I’ll make it so, that everybody knows/
That Maxx has bought some food for your soul, so there you go/
The greatest of all time, maybe there’s still a chance/
I ain’t walked on water yet but I can make a river dance/

Get this rockin’ from the floor to the ceiling/
Making it loud and y’all gonna feel it/
(If you love me) put your hands up, (hate me) put your hands down/
I ain’t that bothered just know I’m the man now/
Gonna write songs you’re forced to believe in/
Research, study, find the source of the meaning/
(If you love me) put your hands up, (hate me) put your hands down/
I ain’t that bothered just know I’m the man now/

[Verse Two]
The crime scene looks like I murdered everybody/
A sight so sick your stomach’s churning very dodgy/
The download’s free so please burn some extra copies/
That girl looks sad her network connection’s dropping/
I’m a beast with a beauty on my arm, and a massive queue(Q) like Suzy/
And I’m charmed, got the music in my heart/
My life is a blockbuster, a movie I’m the star/
No career for you while I’m here, move to Uzbekistan/
In six minutes I spit quickly the illest of medleys/
Even if you catch amnesia still you won’t forget me/
I’m unforgettable, stuck in your head like your brain/
You try and do impressions of me like Michael Caine/
I’ll make it so, that everybody knows/
That Maxx has got a rocket I’m about to let it blow/
I win in places where all you little boys fail/
And I got Halle Berry filling up my voicemail/


[Verse Three]
This is a hard job for some for me its more like child's play/
The kind of thing I do at 6 while lounging on a Friday/
I’m create a huge demand for anything that I make/
Got kids robbing HMV and start a massive crime wave/
Get your hair messed up your weave in a right state/
I bet you’ll leave tonight feeling like your life’s changed/
I might not find fame I’ll definitely I’ll die great/
Wait, I just got a text message its from Clive Da.../
...vis I reminisce when writing 4 lines took five days/
12 I thought I was the bomb but really I was quite lame/
Now I’m on the right page, no chance that I might fade/
So buff and so tough I’m probably turning guys gay/
Like Sir Alex Ferguson I use them mind games/
I always do it my way, and never what the sign says/
This is a dice game, so we have got some high stakes/
And you should enjoy your life and that is my advice mate/

Track Name: Making Movies (produced by DJ Agent M)
[Verse One]
You are now listening to a regal MC/
And you’re watching as I rock with unbelievable ease/
I’m confessing that I’m blessing many people indeed/
Got more tricks hidden up my sleeve than Evil Kenevil/
Yes so, guess so, now you’re online I better shine from the get go/
Men know, men know, my stock price on the rise like petrol/
Forget about everybody else’s music focus on mine cos I said so/
Get on board like the millions of people everyday that ride on the metro/
Sent demos to record labels at a young age I was shamed when they said no/
Another young aimless and nameless non-famous face from the ghetto/
18 complaining them haters hating not playing and I went home/
Wanna make that music that’s great and won’t fade someday never retro/
You’re looking at the future, what’s gone you gotta let go, let your friends know/
These girls, they be like “wow, hear what he just said that boys mental”/
You gotta see, no stopping me when you see me picking up a pencil/
Go hard like a two-footed tackle make your whole body spasm I ain’t ever been gentle/
Got everything you need like Tesco, style’s mint and I’m fresh like mentos/
Go ahead debate if I got the best flow, so cold that I leave you with a red nose/
I ain’t gonna peak too soon on Youtube wanna get more views than rentals/
Guarantee that you’re buzzing at my next show, pull it out the bag say hey presto/

People say Maxx you don’t know what you do to me/
Hit em with exclusives daily maybe two or three/
Anything and everything I say is true indeed/
Coming up with diamonds in my pocket like a jewel thief/
Rhyme steady rhyme quick or I can rhyme slow/
You be talking about what you witnessed on the ride home/
I’m making more than just songs now I’m making movies/
I’m making more than just songs now I’m making movies/

[Verse Two]
Ladies and gents and juniors, pause for a second let me introduce ya/
To DJ Agent M he's a super trooper uber producer/
Giving u that musical fix with a bag of tricks he'll eclipse you like a lunar/
While I hit all of you for six when I spit recognise I’m slicker than Rick the ruler/
Can't come any sooner for me and Steve Lynch to be making some moolah/
Next time we create music we'll be cruising in Jet Ski's in Aruba/
I'll be there with a girl called Tallulah passing me ice cold drinks from a cooler/
While I create more gems than a jeweller then have a day off like Ferris Bueller/
I am a big fish in a small pond not a small fish in a pond that’s tuna/
Wanna get [somewhere, someday] got no time for hanging with Mr Cooper/
Got dreams like Martin Luther, got good health don’t need BUPA/
I’m relevant and so intelligent when you’re with me you ain’t dealing with a dufus/
Go ahead do your thing start rumours; I rock Japanese swords like Uma/
Thurman in Kill Bill, I still will burn your mouth like on a bhuna/
I would not say I’m perfect, but I don’t ever make bloopers/
Now you heard this, go to the church fall to your knees then sing hallelujah/

[Verse Three]
I stop talking about people's mum's, I guess that means I'm a grown up/
I'm about to blow up; my name on your lips just like a roll up/
I ain't even gotta rhyme cos they just smile when I show up/
Focused not hopeless and you know this I’m so sick y'all wanna throw up/
People been questioning me, asking me what's the hold up/
So many years, so many tears, trying to get a deal, had no luck/
I took it personally like they must really think my flow sucks/
But they ain't get a chance to read the gems within my notebooks/
And if they gave me thirty seconds they would love me so much/
Well I ain't got time for tears, gonna try part the seas like Moses/
I'm ready for my close up, I’m not feeling down I don't picking up/
I’m busy trying to make you feel live, getting your hands up high like a stick em up/
So many gems I’ve buried in the ground, think it’s high time I dig em up/
Maybe I’ll buy a tour bus; hmmm I think we'll need a bigger bus/
Jump in then close the door, you can hope for more, gonna drive real quick/
Like we broke the law, hopping over walls, now at you know the score, cos I told ya all hey!/

Track Name: Leaving (produced Jas0nBeats)
[Verse One]
Remember when we first time we met, I was thinking what a beautiful girl/
Like you don’t fully understand, what you do to my world/
I had to put my shades on cos you were always shining/
And you weren’t even trying, you sparkle like a diamond/
You’re so expensive; risk my life for you jump in front of cars/
To save your life and end up in intensive (care)/
Our future’s brighter than them orange ads, babygirl I got it bad/
Text message from you says you wanna chat/
But now we’ve met I see it in your eyes that something’s wrong/
You sit me down and you’re saying that the love is gone/
You say “its not you, its me”/
In 20 years it’s always never been me, I gotta disagree/
Should’ve known we’d split eventually/
You and my other ex have broke my heart consecutively/
You just wrecked my year, how do you expect me to feel/
Cos if time is money you don’t wanna spend it with me, you've ended with me/

Jenny why you leaving me/
Tell me why you’re leaving me/
Jenny why you leaving me/
Tell me what I did wrong and I’ll change just be real with me/
(please stay) Jenny why you leaving me/
(stay with me) Tell me why you’re leaving me/
(please stay with me) Jenny why you leaving me/
Yesterday we’re laughing now today you ain’t feeling me/
(please stay)/

[Verse Two]
Aw, how could you do this Jenny? I gave you everything/
I treat you like a princess, I would’ve made you queen/
I heard you’re strutting around town like you don’t even care/
Seems like you ain’t got a heart I wonder if its even there/
So go and jump off a bridge, why should I care about you/
I’m quite excited by the thought of living life without you/
So don’t ever, ever call me again/
Don’t even call me a friend, cos I’ll be awful as hell, we’re through/
I shouldn’t have left that phone message that’s the liquor talking/
You know what I’m like, I don’t even drink that often/
I’ve just woken up, and I think its morning/
And I think I’m mourning, catch me quick I’m falling/
You completely cut me off, that’s a bit appauling/
I thought we had a future, seems like we missed our calling/
I miss the love I once had like a little orphan/
I know its dead, cos there are signs of rigor mortis/

[Verse Three]
How could we doubt each other, can’t live without each other/
I know we had so many good times and now we suffer/
Heavy rain forecast in July, a cloudy summer/
I’m sorry if I made you feel like a lousy lover/
You were extra special, life without you is garbage/
Today felt like the hardest, it’s ended how I started/
I’m sitting in the pub by myself, drinking Bud by myself/
Hate my own reflection I ain’t even loved by myself/
It all deteriorates/
While I bet you’re somewhere in a superior state/
Bet you ain’t bothered like that chick off of Catherine Tate/
Feel like I ain’t seen you in ages like Madeline’s face/
Then I seen you back on Facebook looking perfect as ever/
Maybe you’re crying on the inside, we’re hurting together/
But that remains to be seen like the future undiscovered/
Deep down I feel we’re still good for one another/
Maybe you got scared, that I can understand/
Give me another chance, I’ll be a better man/
If you wanna talk then meet me at the corner/
Of the café where we first met, but only if you want to/

Stay with me, please stay me
Please stay

Stay with me [repeat to end]
Track Name: Where We Go From Here (produced by ExP)
The promise of all that’s yet to happen/
What when and where a season full of question asking/
Telling God your schemes honestly you’ll get Him laughing/
Maybe I was wrong to think that I could make it rapping/
Been out the club for so long I hope they let me back in/
Give me a chance and hear my plans before you send me packing/
Performing on these stages hope I get a blessed reaction/
I might just should rip my shirt off so they can sense my passion/
Now your boys are listening, your girlfriends are glancing/
They wanna get close, like Delilah next to Samson/
I'm an artist I can't get you with my sexy dancing/
But I might just sell enough records to buy a extra mansion/
At events with Branson, LA then the Hamptons/
The future’s looking good and so am I yes I’m handsome/
But this is all a joke of course its just pretend I'm acting/
I can barely afford to pay my rent before I get that jacket/
Instead we sit in bars, flipping cards, three pints/
Shouting at the football on the screen shooting the breeze like/
I just want a sweet wife, sexy on the beach type/
Bill of course wants a Porsche lift up doors in clean white/
Talking as if we've been signed, shining like a street light/
Acting like we're superstars and keep the circle real tight/
Honestly it seems like a lot of talk and a lack of movement/
Even doing something different is a vast improvement/
So then have to do this yes for the sake of my kids/
People been taking the mick I'm shamed of the place that I'm in/
Doubting myself in a way guess I’m naming my sins/
I turn to writing songs a case of my favourite things/
Does something to my soul I pray for the change that it brings/
Nobody cares if my days become famous and bling/
I guess I’m just another name I ain't claim to be king/
Tell me now if your emotions stay just the same when I sing/

I wonder where we go from here/
Situation's bad trying not to show my fear/
Pillow soaked in the aftermath of flowing tears/
Father please speak to me let me know your near/
Don't feel like my purpose is to walk alone/
Trying to build but my feelings are the cornerstone/
My decisions always lead me down the wrong way/
I sing the blues cos I'm feeling what the songs say/
There's gotta be more to life than survival/
Looking over my shoulder where ever I go/
And it seems like everybody I know/
Is a blind soul they just wanna find home/
Hey, we need something kind of wonderful/
Like the feeling of a kiss from the one you love/
It’s a very long road and we're travelling/
No guarantees that we're ever come back again.../