I am the one who...on the door of your soul //
When i call at your home, it's me [Heisenberg] //
I put you all in a hole, create an aftermath //
Of kids orphaned and broke, I'm a force to behold //
You'll never pay more than you owe, but mess me about //
You'll wish you were never born when i blow //
All up in your face an unfortunate show //
Six bullets and i saved four for your dome //
Stalking your folks, no time to waste //
So don't talk to me slow, got international steez //
I'm selling out in North Korea, more in Seoul //
Methamphetamines are taking tours into Rome //
No rivals no stupid wars I'm alone //
Cause i have got the source and the code //
The magnitude of my empire feel it course through my bones //
I'll leave your body cops'll need chalk in the road //


from Heisenberg - Remember My Name, released September 25, 2015




Marcus Lee Bradford, UK

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