[verse one]
I used to have 2 jobs but the money was poor
I'd think to myself what am i struggling for
We've had times with no food in the cupboards at all
In the supermarket jealous of what others had bought
But then i made my own product been cooking from raw
And i found a bunch of customers who were looking to score
I was a nervous child something my mother ignored
Now I'm nervous round my own DEA brother in law
There's something in store
overcome challenge like i was jumping the fort
none of this was straightforward as 1, 2, 3, 4
I've had competition visiting looking for war
remember days there were things that we couldn't afford?
self made business built up from the floor
king of my own castle, and I'm shutting the door
i am Heisenberg, i am above the law

[verse two]
Drugs mash up families and leave children missing
But help me support mine its just this dudes opinion
I've kept it on the downlow but its true I'm building
a billion pound empire close to George Lucas vision
I'm on a making mular mission
My empire steez I'm out to build the hugest business
Kids supposed to be my class and used to skip it
The same ones stood on the corner that i use to flip it
I'm Charlie Sheen in these streets i never lose I'm winning
My anger management is controlled I'm choosing wisdom
Mexicans don't like me yo these dudes are flipping
Asking all kinds of questions man these fools are fishing
It's years of bad blood something like Jews and Christians
I work with my brother so we don't require supervision
I do for addicts same as Ben and Jerry's do for women
Champagne filled pools the new pools I swim in


from Heisenberg - Remember My Name, released September 25, 2015




Marcus Lee Bradford, UK

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