Would You Miss

from by Marcus Lee



What would you do if you had an opportunity //
To make a million pounds which could lead to another two or three //
But on the same day your wife's giving birth, you wouldn't see //
That super sweet moment in life you only get a few of these //
But we've had oh so many years of living frugally //
I had to take on second jobs and Skyler sold her jewellery //
Like any father I'm just thinking bout my children's needs //
To know they set for life financially will be a huge relief //
I should be freaking out bout death but I'm unusually //
Calm, I never used to be I can't explain its truly deep //
And it don't really matter what these mad men wanna do to me //
I'm soon to be deceased so even if you shop me to police //
I'll only be around a couple months and more crucially //
My family will be sorted you're not gonna find me losing sleep //
My hope is that they'll live in harmony and unity //
I hope that's what the pastor will relay during my eulogy //
Before you judge here's a question you should answer first //
If you were me... //

Would you miss the birth of your own child for a million [x4] //
It's something that's gotten me thinking //
Something that's gotten me thinking [x3] //
Would you miss the birth of your own child for a million //


from Heisenberg - Remember My Name, released September 25, 2015




Marcus Lee Bradford, UK

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