Roll up roll up take a look over here //
Take a look over here //
I got some pretty nice presents for you //
Let me say it again //
Come closer please there's nothing to fear //
There's nothing to fear //
I got some pretty nice presents for you //

Yo I did the chorus first think i made it quite clear //
Anything you feel you need you can get it right here //
I put in hard work come up with some nice gear //
But ask too many questions you can kiss my rear //
You can take a look like a proper sightseer //
This is good for me its good for you my dear //
I used to drive round town in a White Kia //
Now i'm rock a turbo my cars got nine gears //
I met Gus Fring he said do you like beer //
ten minutes later we was in a bar like cheers //
The product so good it made him wanna cry tears //
But he's given me a look that's colder than Siberia //
Yo we gotta fight fear //
Cos my little street hustlers might get five years //
Forget about the haters cos they all might jeer //
But we try to make money for a long time here //



from Heisenberg - Remember My Name, released September 25, 2015




Marcus Lee Bradford, UK

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