Yo I'm feeling this weak cos this week i started chemotherapy
Having a mundane Monday and gonna do so every week
It's gonna be all right everybody keeps telling me
But truthfully we all know i'll never see seventy
The medical support i need its costs an extra fee
Survival in the US not something you get for free
But i recognise your face hmmm let me see
Yeah its all coming back to me your name is Jesse p
You was in my class back when i taught 7d
the kid sat right at the back, big cheeks and freckly
That's 12 years ago so now you must be 23
now you're jumping out of windows thats some kind of felony
If I tell police what i just saw then it seems
You'll be in the penitentiary paying the penalty
The price of my silence is the cost of helping me
And if you think its blackmail well that's life, ces't la vie
I seen some dodgy dealers and been feeling jealousy
As i'd love to make a grand these guys make ten a week
You might not remember science is my specialty
I've just come up with a master-plan a special recipe
Its gonna set the world alight a kind of ecstasy
With a buzz a 1000 times sweeter than a jelly bean
You'll be the new head of marketing out selling dreams
Doors open all we need to say is open sesame
We're gonna make five figures at the very least
Jesse you can buy yourself 20,000 ready meals
This is the free world you can work on every street
This is Albuquerque man it ain't Tel Aviv
Just keep on the down-low whenever we speak
Especially around my brother because unexpectedly
Anything can happen but as long you're respecting me
There'll be no need for ....


from Heisenberg - Remember My Name, released September 25, 2015




Marcus Lee Bradford, UK

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