[verse one]
The second seasons finished, I can’t believe we finished
I came home you packed your stuff up in a couple minutes
You’ve gotten mad because you reckon that I’m selling weed
Baby nah its much more than that I’m selling dreams
"Can’t be with a drug dealer,” you’re telling me
I met a dude that, reckons that I’ve got a talent
So time with him and time with you’s something I gotta balance
I’m on the path to becoming a kingpin
A couple months a couple runs I’ll be on a big ting
I’ll repeat that I’ll be on a big ting!!!
The truth is I never wanted you to find out
I’m not surprised that you've put me on a time out
But don't treat me like a dog who messed up on the carpet
Cos I’m the illest sickest cook who selling on the market
We had to make a change guess I was the one to start it
If I’m been honest well I think you're being difficult
I’ve treated you well I’ve never been physical
Cos we were broke and now I’ve built a real business up
I did for you, the kids, you're my everything
You fail to realise for you I’d do anything

I got a wifey, and she just kicked me out
She doesn’t like me, no she just kicked me out
What my gonna now what my gonna do now
Smiling upside down yeah my face just frown
Frown [x4]

[verse two]
I’m sat up in my yard where's my gin and tonic at
Like the Jackson 5 baby I just want you back
An apartment of my own I never wanted that
Even though I started making major huge bionic cash
Three million pounds, super sonic blam
There’s none greater, I do it cos I want the paper
I’m looking sharper, looking something like Donald Draper
Yeah its true I’ve dealt with a few mad men
But you ain't ever gonna see my face on news at ten
They never get the face just my smooth accent
You know I did this all to give you guys a brighter future
It’s more than toys for Holly, more than Nikes for junior
Think I should don a red cape because I'm kinda super
It’s three weeks since I been home
Now I’m banging on my own front door like I’m Fred Flintstone



from Heisenberg - Remember My Name, released September 25, 2015




Marcus Lee Bradford, UK

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