Yeah we cooking up a storm [storm x4] //
The way it turns blue is something that you have to see //
Watch our lives transform [form x4] //
I'm gonna make a success out of a tragedy //
Escaping civilization for a couple hours //
We're actually creating magic in this truck of ours //
Our destiny we're in control man I love the power //
And if I'm home late I'll buy my wife a bunch of flowers //
I can't afford to tow the line [line x4] //
I'll be dead soon my case won't even reach the court //
I got the ish to blow your mind [mind x4] //
One purchase after that you'll want three or more //
At a time at a line in a parking lot //
And you'll want it there you won't care if its dark or not //
Cause you could be standing in the middle of a crowd //
But my tings'll get you high like you sitting on a cloud //
And its gonna be fast its gonna be big its gonna be clever //
If we work hard Jesse we'll be done in November //
Six or seven hundred grand in the bank is all I need //
Gather my clout then I'll be out don't be calling me //
We'll do our thing and call it quits there'll be no glitches //
Cause we ain't brothers in the form of Jeff and Beau Bridges //
And once my fortunes turn around [round x4] //
You won't hear from me again I'm heading underground //
So let us fill our pockets, let us build our rockets //
We've all had them daydreams where we kill our bosses //
I'm not a fan of murder, so lets stop killing time //
And we won't take it any further, need to be home by nine //
It's very straightforward this is not a Gray matter //
I just need to make each and every day matter //
Whoever said drugs don't work they kinda do //
My present for the world, delivered nice and blue //
[Blue x4] //


from Heisenberg - Remember My Name, released September 25, 2015




Marcus Lee Bradford, UK

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