This time last year was all pain and defeat //
But now I got a name in the street //
Cause something major had to change at the least //
Thinking maybe that became the making of me //
When we first met we used to cause a lot of ruckus //
Now we real close J we something like blood brothers //
I make the product you take it to the public //
Million dollar dreams MC Hammer couldn't touch it //
What we came out with it took a lot of effort //
Days in the RV cooking in the desert //
Remember when we broke down with nothing to drink //
I thought we were gonna die I was on the brink //
I'm leaving no legacy I started to think //
Light bulb over my head it started to blink //
How we made it out there alive is something of a mystery //
And the rest is all history //

Everybody knows I got more bounce than the ounce //
This bad boy makes more money than you can count //
This bad boy makes more money than you can count //
I'm selling to you cats for a large amount (hey) //

I'm out to get money like Bill Gates //
its serious biz i gotta work til late //
yeah its true that there's been a lot of trouble caused //
but opportunities that came to me I took em all //
We used to stash baked beans behind them cupboard doors //
Well 3 days ago i just bought my son a Porsche //
The way i turned my life around deserve some applause //
I wanna spend my final days on some other shores //
I'm philosophical like socrates its possibly because of the... //
Fact my brothers a cop but still ain't clocking me //
That kind of fortune makes me feel there ain't nobody stopping me //
I'll never do a 9 - 5 again like Dolly P //
Its not an easy street, i spend my days in some places //
That are really deep, i used to watch goodfellas on my DVD //
Today they mention goodfellas now they're meaning me //
And Jesse P //



from Heisenberg - Remember My Name, released September 25, 2015




Marcus Lee Bradford, UK

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